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National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts

Doctoral Programmes Theatre Studies and Theatre Art and Film Studies, Film Art and Television

Sofia, Bulgaria


theatre, film

Degrees offered
Besides the doctoral PhD degree, in Bulgaria there is also a second, higher-stage research degree, called “Doctor of Sciences” which requires a substantial body of research and a second dissertation. This degree however is no longer mandatory to become associate / full professor.

3-4 years (regular / independent 3 yrs,  part-time / distant learning 4 yrs)

Number of third cycle students
13 (10 in Theatre, 3 in Film)

The National Academies of the Art in Bulgaria have independent right of promotion. NATFA organizes its own 3rd-cycle programme and provides the facilities for admittance, education and thesis defence of the doctoral students.

Entry requirements
An MA degree is prerequisite. Candidates must pass an oral and written exam in a subject related to the dissertation topic, and a foreign language exam.

Programme requirements
The study program includes scientific/artistic research activities, tutorials and seminars, teaching, and a comprehensive "doctoral minimum" exam. The thesis defence is held before a jury of two internal and three external evaluators, who all must be habilitated and one of whom must be a full professor. The members of the Jury provide 2 reviews (1 of them must be by an external evaluator) and 3 position papers which must conclude with a positive or negative evaluation.

There is one supervisor (called "scientific advisor") per student, who co-ordinates the individual study plan; monitors the work and study process; and prepares progress reports  each semester, which are presented to the corresponding department, faculty and to the senate.

Publications and conferences
Doctoral students can publish their paper in NATFA’s Yearbook and/or other specialized national and international periodicals.  There is a special Forum, called "Young Scholars in the Field of Art Studies" for doctoral students in the field of arts (visual, screen, stage, music, etc.) which organizes doctoral conferences and the publication of conference proceedings.

Funding and stipendia
Full-time students receive a study fee of BG 450 (approx € 225) monthly.
Study fees are 750 BGN per semester or 1500 BGN per academic year (appr. € 750 per year)