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La Salle – Ramon Llull University

Integrated Architectural Project

Barcelona, Spain

2009 (current programme)
2002-2009 (previous programme Knowledge Representation in Architecture)


Degrees offered

1-2 years for the MA phase
3 years for the subsequent PhD project

Number of third cycle students
20 PhD students, 17 MA students

The doctoral programme of La Salle Architecture School is structured in two phases:
  • the training phase: the Master in Integrated Architecture Project (MIAP)
  • the research phase: conducting research and writing a thesis either individually or related to the lines and groups of research of the doctoral programme.
There are three lines of research and teaching:
1. Conception and representation
2. Project and technology
3. City and territory

Embedding within the institution
MIAP / DIAP cooperates with two other research groups at the Department of Architecture: ARC Architectura Representación Computación which is dedicated to the integration of ICT and architecture, and IAM Investigación Arquitectura Mediterránea.