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Gothenburg University

Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts
National Research School in the Arts

Gothenburg, Sweden

Doctoral research since 2000
National Research School since 2010

Music, theatre, fine art, design, film, photography, literature, art education

Degrees offered

4 years

Number of third cycle students

The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts integrates several art schools around Gothenburg. At present, research is taking place at four of them: Academy of Music and Drama; School of Design and Crafts; Valand School of Fine Arts; School of Photography; and at the department for literary composition, poetry and prose.
The admissions and the educational responsibility for doctoral studies are organized at faculty level.

There are nine identified fields of doctoral study: Applied Arts and Crafts; Design; Digital Representation; Film Creation; Fine Art; Literary Composition, Poetry and Prose; Musical Performance and Interpretation; Performance in Theatre and Music Drama; and Photography. Students from one or several fields may form a cluster, with a shared environment, seminar culture and supervisors.

A national research school in the arts, financed by the Swedish Research Council, will start in 2010 and exist for five years. 12 institutions participate; more than 20 doctoral students are expected to take part. With the national research school also the AD (Doctor of the Arts) degree has been created.

Entry requirements
Applicants are required to give evidence of established activity within their field, including artistic and/or other academic exams, samples and a list of previous work, and an essay or written exam from graduate level.

Programme requirements
Students are required to present their research publicly at the so-called 25%, 50%, and final seminar, each with an external opponent. Dissertations have to consist fully or partly of a written thesis, but the form in which creative and scholarly elements are combined is free. The defence is public.

Publications and conferences
Under the title Art Monitor, the Faculty publishes a journal (seven issues since 2007), and a book series including dissertations (11 so far;
In 2008, Gothenburg University hosted the 10th ELIA Biennial, which included exhibitions and a symposium on artistic research. A symposium on the art text was held in 2009.

There should be at least two supervisors, one of whom holds a doctorate. They are bound to devote a minimum of 80 and 48 hours to supervision annually.

Funding and stipendia
PhD positions at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts will be financed by Faculty funds, which will cover an research student postion (the present salary: 20 600 SEK (approx. € 2000) monthly) or a position funded by a stipend from the Anna Ahrenberg' fund (this applies for the first year, after which a research student position is offered) along with funds to each institution for overheads, the so-called operating grant (currently SEK 100,000 per year per student).
There is a yearly faculty funding of approx SEK 700.000 – 1.000.000 for staff research projects.