Academy for Creative and Performing Arts

Leiden University and Royal Academy of Art (KABK)

Leiden and The Hague, Netherlands

Academy of Creative and Performing Arts founded in 2001
PhDArts programme since 2008

Visual arts, design, photography, media art

Degrees offered

Number of third cycle students

The graduate programme of the Academy for Creative and Performing Arts consists of:
  • the Master Photographic Studies and the Master Media Technology
  • research projects of the staff of the Academy and the promovendi
  • programmes for training and coaching of PhD-candidates: DocARTES (music) and PhDArts (art and design)
PhDArts is a partnership between Leiden University and the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague. For parts of the PhD programme they also collaborate with the Faculty of Architecture and Art (FAK, formerly IvOK) in Brussels.
The DocARTES programme results from an alliance between the Orpheus Institute, Leiden University, the Amsterdam Conservatoire, the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Association. For more information about DocARTES, see Orpheus Institute.

Entry Requirements
Candidates for PhDArts must hold an MA degree or proof of mature artistry and study at comparable level. Applicants will also be expected to give a presentation of their creative work in their atelier/design studio or in an exhibition.

Programme Requirements
The PhDArts doctoral programme is offered annually and consists of 6-8 whole-day or half-day seminars, and 2 workshops, each lasting one to two weeks. The candidates are expected to attend the seminars and at least four workshops throughout the entire duration of their doctoral study.
The form of the final doctoral submission is open (performances/exhibitions/written material/other media and/or combination of these) but has to be indicated in the application.

Publications and conferences
Dissertations at Leiden University must be printed and made available in digital form by entering it in the Leiden Institutional Repository (IR).
In February 2010 the Royal Academy organized the Artist as Researcher conference.
Within PhDArts, there are regular seminars and four-day workshops, partly in The Hague and Leiden, partly at FAK.

The supervising team usually consists of the directing supervisor, and one or more specialists for artistic and/or for academic supervision. Artistic specialists are internationally known and active as artists, with knowledge of research in the arts. As a rule, academic specialists will themselves have a doctoral qualification.

Embedding within the institution
The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts is a cooperation between Leiden Univeristy and the Royal Conservatoire and Royal Academy of Art. It is part of the Leiden University’s graduate school of the humanities. Since Leiden University has no arts department, many of the staff are on an external (part-time) professorship, i.e. do not teach regular courses at Leiden University.

Funding and stipendia
Funding must be obtained from external sources. The Dutch National Science Organization (NWO) does not yet fund artistic research, but will fund two projects in the future as a pilot.