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Pre-Conference - Thursday 19 September

Exhibition Opening: Theophil Hansen. Designer and Architect

Location Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Schillerplatz 3,
A-1010 Vienna (Aula and xhibit. Exhibition Space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)

Day 1 - Friday 20 September

Location Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Schillerplatz 3, 1010, Vienna


Welcome: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, EUFRAD, SHARE

Anette Baldauf, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,
“On the experience of supervising doctoral work by artists”

Workshop 1: How my roles as supervisor has been defined for me / by me?
(break out groups, max 8 persons)

Participants discuss how they each were initially briefed on their role as a supervisor, what was made clear and what was left to their own judgment when they first started to supervise at doctoral level. Based on the exchange of experience and further discussion some key questions will be identified which supervisors at the start of the supervision process might find useful to ask of the institution and of the research student, as well as an discussion on the status of curricula and the degree to which supervising details should be contained in curricula.

13.30-14.30 Lunch

Workshop 2: The role / non-role of the supervisor’s artistic / academic practice in supervisory work
(break out groups, max 8 persons)

Participants discuss how their wider practice interacts with their specific role as a supervisor. The question here is not simply what is the case now, but also what do the participants wish to be the case in the future. Based on the exchange of experience and further discussion some proposals on how these relationships between the supervisor’s artistic / academic practice and the supervisory role will be generated. We will also consider the proposition that the supervisor may wish to retain a radical separation between these two domains – institutionally commissioned work and the autonomous work of an independent artist researcher, etc.

Participants are also asked to share accounts of some of the more challenging aspects of the supervision process ranging from cases where the working relationship between supervisor and doctorand becomes compromised or broken to cases where the project encounters difficulties that require radical re-thinking.

16.30- 16.45 Coffee break

16.45- 18.15 Plenary
Break out group report to plenary group

18.30- 20.00
Dinner (hosted by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)

Day 2 - Saturday 21 September

Location Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Schillerplatz 3, 1010, Vienna

Melita Kovacevic, University of Zagreb, EUA
“Current thinking on the doctoral supervisor role in the university, outside the creative arts”

Workshop 3: Research assessment and quality criteria
(break out groups, max 8 persons)

Participants will present a short statement (prepared in advance) on the assessment of a research project, published in the 3rd issue of the Journal for Artistic Research (JAR, based on their own (institutional) standards. Both the published research, the JAR criteria for its evaluation, and the reviewer comments published alongside the research are not yardsticks for the discussion, but should be considered as points of departure, as concrete cases, which we can move away from, quarrel with or which might instigate further thought.  An inclusive understanding of the issues involved should take into account different contexts, i.e. faculty research and 3rd level programmes in higher arts education, national and international research funding bodies and art councils, life events (e.g. exhibitions, performances), journals, fora for art criticism, etc. For the workshop we will confine ourselves for pragmatic reasons to research published in JAR. The aim of the workshop is to have an informed discussion on research assessment and quality criteria.

Closing discussion: “Proposals for EUFRAD #4”

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