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Friday 20 June


Parallel Break Out Sessions
Presentation of Doctoral Research & Discussion

break out 1:
Architecture as Initiative

Veronika Valk, Estonian Academy of Arts (EE)

Architectures, Spatial Chaos and Complex Adaptive Systems

Alan Mee, DIT Dublin (IE)

break out 2:
Understanding Aesthetics of Urban Environment through Drawing

Anna Kholina, Aalto University (FI)

The Body as Subject: The Transference of Socio-Political Conflict from Land to Body

Beatrice Jarvis, University of Ulster / University of Kingston (UK)

break out 3
Play > Urban

Jean-Christophe Lanquetin, François Duconseille, With Zen Marie, Natasha Christopher, HEAR Strasbourg and WITS School of Arts Johannesburg (FR/ZA)

The Mental Masonry Lab

Mira Sanders, Cédric Noël, KU Leuven, Department of Architecture/ LUCA School of Arts (BE)


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