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Public Space and the City

Johan Verbeke, Aarhus School of Architecture


Public Space in relation to artistic research and critical spatial practices, the challenge to professional roles and the impact on contemporary cities (positive or negative).


During the past decade the use of Public Space has shifted.  Creative spatial practices interact with and impact on Public Space. Public Space can also be seen as the interior of a City. Cities are composed of multi layers, categories, typologies and analytics. Contemporary cities present us with a fundamental challenge for critical enquiry and creative research. Critical practices and artistic research impact on Public Space and changes human behavior.

Individual creative practices work with individual specific projects. How can these impact on a coty which is composed of a huge amount of actors? How can a critical practice make a difference? How do they instigate change and new modes of thinking? How does artistic research interact with professional practice?

It is envisioned that an exchange of experience and best practice will build a better understanding as well as develop ideas for the future.

Questions for the Workshop

This workshop will examine some of the issues that arise in the role of public space in the city, especially in relation to critical spatial practice and artistic research. How do research activities operate within public space in the contemporary coty? How does the action of enquiry sit in relation to the demands of urban design, of critique and of production of contemporary urban form? What are the ways in which practitioners –architects, artists, curators, educators, researchers, activists, community organisers, self-organsied collectives – produce their own agency as shapers of urban form, process and life? How can and do they impact on public behavior? What are the new fault-lines within the contest over rights-to-the-city and the claim to shape the city for the public good or private interest?

Invitation to Participate

We invite participants to bring examples with them to share in the workshop through short – 5 minute presentations, and we will also invite some of the conference participants to draw out the connection between these questions and their own current research projects and artistic practice. We especially welcome ongoing PhD research.
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